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             What is Conscious Discipline?


Conscious Discipline is the behavorial model that Joyful Noise Christian Childcare uses to empower staff and children with the abilities to work through conflicts with composure. You may hear langauge from our teachers and children that sounds like this:

  • "You seem frustrated. You threw the toy." We begin by narrating the present to the child--this is called "noticing". 
  • "Did you like that when ________ happened? Let's tell them." Empowering a child to verbalize their feelings through conflict. 
  • "You are safe right now. You can make it through this. How can we solve this problem?" We work together with children to help them find their inner calm and use teachable moments to learn life skills. 
  • "Would you like to choose _____ or _______?" We offer choices. 
  • "I noticed you ________. That was helpful!" We offer specific praise.
  • Conscious Discipline Downloads

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