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Joyful Noise Special Programs

Joyful Noise is pleased to offer your child high quality specials programs as a part of our weekly activities, which are all included in our tuition! Please read all about our wonderful programs below, and be sure to check in with the blogs to see what is new, and how you can extend the skills and lessons learned into your home each week!

Growing In Grace

We are pleased to bring you our new children's worship program, "Growing In Grace". Each week, our program will strive to bring your child high quality educational Christian content that is both age appropriate and memorable. Through songs, trips to the chapel, fingerplays and bible stories, we have a world of fun planned for your child that celebrates the love of Christ. Please see the blog below to stay updated on our activities! Meet our program coordinator and leader Miss Bev Scheil!
The Growing In Grace Blog | Weekly Calendar | GrowingInGraceatJN@gmail.com

Joyful Noise Music

Our weekly music program travels to your child's classroom each week to celebrate a love for music while exposing children to valuable music theory content as well as cultural diversity! Similar to Kindermusik, Music Together and other age appropriate music exposure programs, our music program blends different philosophies and allows for experiences with instruments, singing, music appreciation, and special visitors. Meet our music teacher, Miss Genevieve DeHart!

The Joyful Noise Music Blog | Weekly Music Calendar | MusicatJN@gmail.com 

Mindful Moments

During "Mindful Moments", your child will learn self-regulation and how to gain composure using a variety of deep-breathing exercises. Then, using a combination of carefully selected yoga sequences and guided meditations, your child's mind and body will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Mindfulness is the main focus each week, and the children will learn to be present in the moment by paying careful attention to their bodies and breath. Meet our teacher, Miss Kellie Gundy!

The Mindful Moments Blog | Weekly Mindful Moments Calendar | mindfulmomentsatjn@gmail.com

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